The German Gastroback Ltd. has been manufacturing culinary electronics for industrial and domestic use. The main focuses of product construction are perfect design, using materials of outstanding quality, professional performance, quality and safety. The precisely constructed, premium quality kitchen appliances facilitate all work processes, thereby enabling the consumer to save time.

Since its launching, the company’s trade has become worldwide. Products are marketed through exclusive specialist shops and extensive distribution networks. Simple tracing and use of excellent quality materials – primarily stainless steel and glass – characterizes the elegant appearance of the products. Applying high quality materials and components ensures the long lifespan of Gastroback products – at home and in a professional kitchen alike. The kitchen appliances are easy to use, handling is very straightforward. In more complex machines offering multiple functions easy handling is fostered by the digital display, which, for instance, enables the consumer to monitor the finish time of each work process. A customer purchasing a Gastroback device can rest assured that the product will help “bring the best and most out” of the course to be prepared in the shortest possible time. Any gentleman, housewife or cook fond of cooking can be sure that they will use Gastroback products for many years with joy.

Enjoy a genuine espresso, cream coffee or cappuccino with Gastroback premium coffee maker and surprise your family and friends with an original barista experience! Ease your job with the premium quality products of Gastroback, which make cooking, roasting, steaming or grilling easy as pie. Gastroback products will assist you in preparing the perfect breakfast, juice or cream soup. Style and simplicity.

The professional products of Gastroback set a new standard among kitchen appliances. Excellent quality materials, stainless steel, unique quality of molds and components are attributes usually only accessible for a narrow layer. Gastroback makes it possible for all consumers to include these materials and products into their home kitchens, turning all customers into excellent chefs – in other words: a professional!